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Kung Fury

Greatest. Trailer. Ever. I really cannot wait for the feature length.

Charli XCX – Nuclear Seasons

Love the eighties vibe of this track and the video is ace.

Charli XCX | | YouTube

Color: 72 Without Color Magazine

Colors: 72 Without Colors Magazine Fall 2007, Front Cover

I found this the other day, it is a magazine I picked up back in 2007 when I was at university.
This paticular issue was dedicated to the blind and visually impaired, its front cover was an embossed image along with braille – you can see the image and the title on the back cover.

It contained stories from people who are blind or have visual impairment and some fantastic photography. An audio cd with the entire reading of the magazine came with the issue.

Color: 72 Without Color Magazine Fall 2007, Back Cover

Color Magazine |
Color: 72 Without Color Magazine |

Ariana DiLorenzo Portrait

Whilst on a Soundcloud binge the other night I came across this striking portrait on the profile for the track Ariana & The Rose – In Your Bed (Oliver Nelson Remix). A quick google search and I found it was Ariana DiLorenzo from the band mention before – Ariana & The Rose. Although, I could not find this photo on the net other than on Soundcloud.

Its amazing what you find sometimes, would love to know who took it.


Chimpnology by cyriak. I love everything this guy makes, check out his youtube channel – go now.

cyriak | YouTube


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